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If anything

14 February 1979
toothpaste for dinner

I do not read the journals of those who I perceive to be perpetuating fat phobia, whether it be in the form of self-degradation or generalized stereotypes about body size and attractiveness, class, and sexuality. I have a pretty obvious zero-tolerance policy on other types of bigotry, but my self consciousness prevented me from speaking out before. From now on, with no warnings, I am not interested in reading journals that operate on the assumption that thin is better, or for that matter, that any body type is better. I have overlooked comments in the past but I am done with that.
Weight loss talk should be stated in a positive manner than does not degrade previous states of being or insist that there is a thin person hiding inside a fat person under a layer of stifling dead flesh. Fat bodies are bodies too, not fat suits.